Hope, when and where it's needed.


Uncle.Earth began development in October of 2022 with a simple goal:

To fill a need in a created by the recent civil unrest in Myanmar that has resulted in young women being deprived of access to higher education and opportunities to move abroad and choose their own path in life.

A strategy was conceived to find the path of least resistance to bridge the gap between an individuals current level of education, and a level of education/work experience that will allow them to gain skilled migrant worker status within Australia, Canada and Ireland.

Within each country’s policy for assigning skilled worker status there is a guideline that identifies the list of skills or occupations that are currently in short supply in each respected country.
That gave the team a place to start with regards to finding affordable options to upskill participants at an economically sustainable cost, allowing budget flexibility to facilitate the eventual relocation of the program participants if, when and where they choose to move abroad and start a new life.


We Are A Strong Team

A circular organisational structure (Gold, L 2021) would allow previous and current participants to be both benefiting from the defined functions of the project and contributing to the facilitation and access opportunities of other women within their communities.

The last problem face by the team seems like an easy one but it is the most difficult decision that a person can face when delivering services that provide hope… How do we select the candidates? In order to maintain ethical best practice a decision was made to reach out and collaborate with local charity partners in Uncle.earth’s ever expanding areas of operation to help us identify the women in the community who would most benefit from this opportunity.

A multidisciplinary international oversight committee was established to ensure quality control and mitigate from the earliest conceptions of the project the risk of exploitation of potential participants.

We are currently entering the 3rd phase of development wherein the acquisition of hardware and development of digital assets is necessary to make the education pathways project accessible to people in the most remote of communities, some of which are effected my ongoing military operations and civil unrest.

Our services are staffed 100% by present and former participants of the service who are paid on our adaptive scaling model....

being paid between 3 and 10 times the average wage in their countries of origin to ensure that relocation to their chosen destinations upon the completion of their training will be without any reliance on systems without our level of ethical oversight and accountability.